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Words by Hosna and Jack O'Neill Paterson

'Sorry all our songs only go for 30 seconds.'


You know when you go to a party and it reaches that climaxing point of no return, where everyone and everything is full of drunk, carefree energy? The awkward greetings and meaningless conversations are distant memories, and tomorrow’s hangover is tomorrow’s problem. Your intoxicated mind dulls your worries and makes you want to perpetually swim in this lagoon of spilt beer. 


And then that song comes on. The one that reminds you of your youth and every good time that you’ve ever had. The one that makes you happy and excited and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You know the one? Well, WAVEVOMS debut album 'Eternal Summer' encompasses all that is being young and drunk and combines it into one psycho album.


The duo from Newcastle came to Melbourne for two faced paced, electrifying shows. And who cares if a song goes for 30 seconds or 10 minutes? The energy that WAVEVOM's music expels makes you forget about time and concentrate on finishing your beer instead. Songs like 'Goon king,' 'Durries R Good 4 U' and 'Soberrrr' make you want to say fuck it, lets rage. The album exemplifies the desire for an 'eternal summer' of long nights, heaps of beer and heaps of not knowing what the heck’s going on.






After the show we got our mate to ask the boys our drunk questions in the loo, cause everywhere else was too loud. 

Biggest music inspirations?

Bleeding knees club, joyce manor, wavves

What the production process for 'Eternal Summer?'

We wrote the songs over a more than a year, there were originally 17 in total. we recorded them with a friend of ours sporadically over the course of a year at his home studio and worked on them bit by bit. we went back and forth writing and recording and changing songs around until they were exactly how we wanted them. eventually we cut them down to 10 tracks

Perfect driving music?

abc classic radio


Favourite beer?

Jjed- goon 

Jack - tooheys new


actually, goon for both.