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Stephanie Nagy

Words by Monica 

Who ever said flowers were mundane? There is something seriously refreshing about how young artist, Stephanie Nagy, interprets the world of foliage and florals. Currently studying Fine Arts, Stephanie's constant exposure to nature from a young age has fuelled her fascination, making it a central theme of exploration when it comes to her art . Of course, there's no doubt that a large majority of people find tranquility and beauty within nature however, it's also something which is unintentionally, yet constantly overlooked. Stephanie paints plants and flowers in a new dimension and with a uniquely fresh explosion of colour and individual style. Described by peers as hardworking above the masses, we were lucky enough to chat with Stephanie about her passion and the appreciation and thought that goes behind it. 

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words:

Floral, feminine and colourful.

What do you love about what you do?

I love that I can build a reaction through my work. People often tell me that the way I use colour makes them feel happy and uplifted, but I also find it relaxing to do, despite how hard painting can be.


What do you find tedious?

100% cleaning brushes. I know no one likes to do it but it’s something that I REALLY hate. It’s time consuming and annoying, but not cleaning your brushes and dealing with it a few days later is far worse. Also, just keeping my studio clean in general.


Who are your greatest inspirations when it comes to your work?

In terms of well known artists, Henri Matisse is easily the most influential to me, but since studying I have also gained a lot of inspiration from my peers who I work alongside with. Anyone who is positive, intelligent and motivated is inspirational to me.


What’s your ideal Saturday afternoon?

Just hanging out with a friend doing nothing particularly interesting, but it’s still so much fun because you know each other well and everything is fun when you’re together. Also a picnic in the botanic gardens is always lovely.













What is it that draws you to nature? Nature is gorgeous and we’re surrounded by it all the time. It’s hard not to stop and stare at the flowers. Growing up, my mum always did a lot of gardening and had a real passion for plants. I thought it was lame at the time, but now I really appreciate that exposure. My dad always use to take my brother and I camping too and we’d do a lot of bushwalking, so I think it’s comfortable territory for me to turn to nature, because I spent so much time outside as a child.


What else do you look for in an art subject? I like a personal connection in art, especially if it pushes a response; whether that be a positive or negative one.


What makes you happy? Angry?

Friends and a good night’s sleep make me happy and people who are rude and disrespectful when it’s totally unnecessary make me angry.


What are you currently working on? I’m tying loose ends in my work for an assessment that’s coming up at the moment, but I did also just start a new mural-size piece. I’m using acrylic to begin with and I may go back in with oils later if I have time.

Check out more of Stephanie's work 

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