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An offbeat clip with a Rage circa '87 aesthetic, 'Bin Juice' directed by Max Wood continues Rhysic's satirical commentary on punk rock. Following Rhys around the sketchy streets of Melbourne with a bottle of Fosters, singing 'pissing out' every time that he is 'out' in 'avenues' we are rewinded back to our own blurry nights after a lofi gig. That's what's great about Bin Juice, all your regretful nights and heavy hangovers are forgotten, encouraging you to do it all over again

Listen to 'Bin Juice' on their Rhysics' tape 'Idiot Rock' which is out on the 28th of may - pre order here

They're also doing a residency at The Old Bar in Fitzroy, like their page to follow their tour and music news, plus Rhys' drinking habits.