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Words by Hosna

Back in highschool, Rhys was one of those guys who embraced the house spirit. He would chant at every house event, lifting the energy of the crowd with his contagious persona; not much has changed since. Rhys and his 6-piece band Rhysics (which is only one of his multiple projects), debuted their EP RHY666 at the Gracement aka The Grace Darling and killed it.


The Grace Darling is the home for independent bands, helping them launch their success. Bands such as Skeggs, The Ruminaters and the Dumb Punts have all played at the Grace Darling, leading toward their growing success, and I’m certain Rhysics will soon follow.


With the support of other upcoming Melbourne bands such as SCOUT, Plural, and Easy Truckstop Chicken Jam Band, the atmosphere was already peaking once Rhysics entered the underground garage setup. Opening the set with the first song of RHY666 ‘Everybody’s Sellin’, the vibes that the music brought about was wild, which of course bounced off onto the rowdy folks watching. The crowd consisted of your typical Melbourne musos lining in the front row for their weekly dose of good music. But towards the back, were men dressed in their clean cut shirts, who just got off of their 9-5 job, bouncing off the walls. I personally could not help myself, as I spent the entirety of the set dancing on the couch. Whether you are a resident of Fitzroy or a workaholic on Collins Street, Rhysics will take you back to the good old summer days - where all you need is a beer in hand, and their tunes on repeat.


Rhysics emulates the scratchy and catchy excitement of backyard music that, as Veronica Milsom from Triple J so easily puts it; ‘will make you feel grateful you ever pressed play’. Chuck on their EP and you won’t regret it.


After the show, I sat with the man behind the mic, Rhys and discussed his love for beer and his satirical challenge to the Melbourne punk scene.

What made you realise how important music is? How did you get into it?


I started playing music so I could kiss more girls and it’s very important to me because it works sometimes. Mostly though it’s a way to make a bit of beer money and reason to get shithoused on the weekends.


What is your writing process?


My process is I play in my bedroom for hours until a riff gets stuck in my head, and then I come up with lyrics when I should be sleeping or concentrating on something else.


What were the main themes that influence the EP?


The motivation was, I wanted to do a live recorded loud punk EP with a 6 piece band. Having songs about good dads, loving money and hating drugs. It’s a reverse of most of the Melb punk scene so I thought it was funny.’


Describe your aesthetic in 3 words?


Trashy, Beer, Loser


What is your favourite driving music?


I cant drive, but my daily bus playlists consists of Tobacco/Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Mouldy Peaches, Wavves, Beach Boys and Dion


What bores you?


When I forget my headphones on the bus.


What is your most prized possession?


My good looks and really cool nike runners






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Maddy Ryan 

Lucy Fry