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Words by Hosna

'Dude I watched one of the best music videos, and like the song oh my days the song.'

As my friend typed 'Cube by Jarrow' I was intrigued. A dazed and dreamy sound began and while I drove to Jarrows voice I imagined one of the best music videos because I really was listening to some quite 'oh my days' amazing music.

Only a few weeks later I watched one of his solo sets at the Tote. It was intimate and comfortable. The dark dusty mood of the Tote seemed quite relevant to Jarrows tracks in his debut '2003 dream,' album something fuzzy and devoted. 

And Dan truly is devoted. 

Having worked and recorded '2003 dream' alone and their second album 'Expensive Hugs', as well as being in 3 other bands Jarrow is certainly an artist that is driven by the love and pure passion of music. 

Since I've had the pleasure to see Jarrow play in different venues across Victoria and Australia. One of them being Splendour. Dan being the lovely boy that he is managed to give me a back stage pass so I could interview the band after. Being very excited, probably too excited, here is a fairly intoxicated interview at Splendour with the band after playing their crowd ___ set.