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TOO long


For any band, a sense of evolution must be achieved to ride the momentum of success; and judging from my initial taste of Gymnastic in the Seventies second EP, it’s clear that they have searched deeper into their musical repertoires with their new single ‘Too Long.’ It’s the first single off their upcoming EP, and the guitar riffs and nostalgic lyrics in this song combine to create an early summer ecstasy. In the simplest of terms, this song has a different vibe. It’s easy to get lost in the up-beat sound of the instruments working in damn near perfect symmetry. But it’s the sentiment of the lyrics that really epitomize the indie four-piece.


'Get lost for days, weeks, months a few’ sings Fraser Telfer within the first minute of their new single Too Long. The simple sentence holds the entire ambience elevated in this new EP coming from the four-piece collective following their first EP Daylessness. 


As a single it creates a musical polarity; it’s punchy yet subtle. The lyrics are personal, but they don’t tell you what to feel. You get to decide your feelings on your own, and that’s a grown up decision that is fitting with this coming of age, surf-rock track.

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Waves Music co. Curation

EP Launch, Kubu Studio Geelong (All Ages)

EP Launch,  Bar Open Melbourne

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