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Words by Monica 

How would you describe your art style?

I still haven’t figured out my art style yet. I am still quite young and still wanting to try new things in terms of mediums and different aesthetics. As of recent, I am coming into my own style, slowly but surely. It’s illustrative, messy but cohesively put together in a way? I am moving away from being so structured and leaning towards accumulating organic and natural forms of the mediums. 

There is something really whimsical about your illustrations, what kind of themes do you believe inspires a great deal of this?

I am naturally quite an uncomfortable person to be around because of how socially inept I am. I take months to finally be comfortable around someone, have really dumb conversations with, and do dumb things around. So I feel as if people often perceive me as an uninteresting person and a drag to be around. So the only way I can express how I really am is by putting what I am feeling or what I dig through the medium of art. It sounds really cliché and cheesy but it’s true! So basically, I often stick to the theme of feelings.  


Name five things that you love?

Clothes, new sketchbooks and all things materialistic. Woops, I’ve fallen into a deep dark hole hahaha. 

Art (of course)


Finishing things. Oh I get a huge rush from that.

Riding my bike.

We all know that as artists, high school can at times feel too structured for our character. Do you feel you get the best out of your high school experience?

Well, we are privileged enough to receive an education in this time and age and I really thank my parents for putting me in school. BUT (there are always buts) the education I’m currently being taught isn’t the right kind of stuff for me. All of my subjects are hindering me from reaching my full potential and it leaves me with no time to do what I love. I guess by doing the things I don’t like now gives me an indication of what I don’t want to do in the future, steering me away from being stuck doing something I don’t want to do for the rest of my life. So my answer is no in terms of the academics but yes to the other experiences of high school, like friends and learning important life skills.


What cheers you up when you’re in a bad mood?

Watching The Eric Andre Show. Gosh, I love the dude, such a funny guy.

What’s your favourite medium to work in?

Pencils, as of recent!


What’s on your go to playlist?

Omph… this is hard… well, it’s solely depends how I am feeling that day. You can find things such as:

- Don't Touch my Hair- Solange

- Funny Girl- Jerry Paper

- Kokopelli- Mild High Club

- Street Knowledge- Ghostface Killah

- Back Pocket- Vulfpeck

- 40 oz On Repeat- FIDLAR

- Can’t Leave The Night- BADBADNOTGOOD


I see that you’ve participated in the popular artist challenge ‘Inktober’. What was your favourite piece of the month?

On day 20, I have incorporated an element of real life from outside the illustration and instead of drawing the shadows from the sunlight on the paper; I have used the filtered light to my advantage. I thought it was an alright idea!

(See below)

Reach out to Claudia and check out her stuff: 

Instagram: cloudewy

Tumblr: cloudewy.tumblr.com

Photos of Claudia by Joh

One of your favourite exhibitions you’ve been to?

By far WURM HAUS by Jess Johnson that was shown late last year-early at the NGV international this year. It was so cool finally seeing the work in real life after admiring Johnson’s work online for so so long!


Tell me about your friends.

They are all so inspiring to me. They are the most hardworking and selfless people I know and because of these qualities, they excel in the things they love doing. Being constantly surrounded by the lovely bunch makes me want to work harder in the things I am passionate about. We laugh at pigeons, complain to one another and share really bad memes. If you guys are reading this, I love you guys to bits and I’m sure you will do great things in the future. I can never ask for better friends.


Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 

Illustrating, university and hopefully have my own pad with heaps of sunlight coming in.

Claudia, AKA one of the coolest young artists on instagram - Cloudewy, is

undoubtedly building a unique mark on the art community within Melbourne. 

With a delicate yet vibrant aesthetic, Claudia uses the mediums of pencil,

pen and watercolour, which have enabled her to establish a distinct style. 

Her illustrations often feature arrays of delightfully beautiful clutter,

adorned with bits of nature, food and everyday objects.

It's easy to feel nostalgic when observing her art, yet her work still trickles

into a sense of maturity - thoughtful art that Claudia has described as her

temperament on paper. 

At the age of 16, although it may not be concrete at this point in time, 

Claudia has some serious direction, encouraged by the love she has for art.  

A girl with good taste and a sense of humour, I was lucky to be able to

delve into her thoughts, hopes and interests. She is an artist that is most certainly the opposite of dull.