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Words by Hosna 

Caroline and I met at some humanities art conference (both with the intention to make our resumes more impressive), and immediately bonded over our guilty (not so guilty) love for One direction. Caroline has this beaming personality where as soon as you talk to her you instantly feel comfortable, enough to admit that you’re obsessed with Harry Styles but also Alex Turner.


Since then, 2 something years later we discovered our mutual passion and interest for music, more than just One Direction. Music follows Caroline everywhere and is able to explain each moment for her. You'll see her at almost any festival or gig, she even landed a backstage pass to Beyond the Valley in 2016 where she boogied to Dom Dolla, but spent most of the day watching alternative bands. One moment she’ll be commenting on RNB and it’s power to want to make you groove, but she calls Flume a genius and yearns for the scratchy tracks from the Central coast.  Like her music taste, her personality is eclectic and passionate.  She views music through a political sense. A good album for her is one that is cohesive and has direction, being able to have dialogue with the audience and voice a certain message. She can’t identify with music that is just playing, but she listens to each song and how it folds into the next, viewing the musician from a narrative perspective. It is this relationship that Caroline creates with the artists that truly defines her as a muso.


This passion led her to host Lounge radio on the University of Melbourne, Radio Fodder. She curates tunes that truly give you that comfort, yet slick sophistication when at a lounge bar. Although the show only runs for an hour she is able to architect playlists that make an hour of study quick and enjoyable. She wants her audience to be able to align themselves with the artist’s too and appreciate music as a place of refuge and sanctuary. 

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words

It would be minimalist but contradictory. I just like everything, whatever looks good! Right now its basic pastel though.


What made you realise how important music is? What was that key moment?

I went through a couple of phases, basically I was really into my music in my early teens. I listened to a lot of pop-punk, and graduated into the Arctic Monkeys. Then I went through this weird period where for 3-4 years I just didn’t listen to any music, I just don’t know what happened. But I didn’t realise how much I was missing until I started uni, and that was probably the moment when I realised I was missing out on such a big culture and how much I really loved it.


How did you get into Radio fodder?

It got to the point where I spent too much time on Spotify and Soundcloud for me not to do anything with it. And I was like I can do something that I’ve always wanted to do [radio] and also [laughs] make other people listen to my music.

How’d you think of the name lounge?

Usually I find it hard to make names for things, but this just came. I just wanted something that gave off that chill out aesthetic, making the listeners comfortable.


What do you think of the current Australian music scene?

It's really banging at the moment. I think a lot of people underestimate how diverse it is. I dont know, I always got this impression that Australian music was just underestimated because 'oh this is from Australia' so it gets bit derided but it's really really great. All summer I've been listening to Remi. I've really been loving all the collaborations between Australian artists. Like Remi and Sampha the Great did a couple of songs together. 


I've also been listening to a lot of Hockey Dad, thanks to you hos! they're on my most played artists on Spotify. I needed a lot more music from the Central Coast like beachy coastal vibes and it's really great!

Your favourite album of 2016?

Ahhh this is too hard. Actually wait, Solange's 'A seat at the table.'

Okay so an important question, Beyonce or Solange?

I think how Beyonce presents issues is really good. How she put black women's issues in the forefront of people's minds. I think Lemonade was amazing in that sense, you know?  We might have different views in what being a feminist is but how she presents the conflicts of identity and her own experiences as a black women is amazing to listen to and watch. 

Favourite live act you’ve seen?

So hard! Okay, I have one because its always something I think of first. Arctic Monkeys back in 2010 at Festival Hall.

Number 1 festival tip?

Come prepared. You need your sunscreen, cash and water especially those compact goon sack looking bottles. I always carry like a poncho or sarong for the rain in my really ugly cross shoulder bag, which has lots of pockets for everything. 

Ohh! Toilets. Always go to the corner toilet because if you line up at the front you have to wait for ages but if you go around the corner you get like 5 toilets to yourself. 


What bores you?

Being stuck in a rut, where the same thing happens over and over again.


What is your most prized possession?

My laptop. I know everyone says things like ‘my aunties heirloom’ or whatever but yeah okay I don’t have any of that. My laptop is how I communicate, connect and work. Not just uni things, my creative stuff, especially my photos!

Hosna had the pleasure of  being a guest host on Lounge and curated this playlist.