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buzz  ferris 

Words by Hosna 

Instagram is an outlet I'll often go to when wanting to find new artists that can inspire, influence and motivate me. When I stumbled across Buzz Ferris, his photos did exactly those things, and even more. Ferris' analogue images soothed me. His ability to perfectly balance composition and light, shows how the two are vital in one anothers coexistence. Whether it be in Melbournes' golden hour or in it's darkened alleyways, Ferris is able to portray light in the most elegant way.  The beauty of light is then coupled with perfectly cut lines and slick architectural dynamics, which reveal an environments various entities. 

With all his images taken on analogue film, they are ripe with colour but still provide that nostalgic throwback feel. Ferris captures the subtle beauties of the everyday, such as the corner of a worn out building, or the headlight of a car. The way in which Ferris' captures landscapes and structures is by focusing on the stunning delicacies we often overlook however still capturing its' whole beauty in one frame. Ferris does not just limit his setting to Melbourne's CBD but takes photos of dusty cities in Spain, the rich green scenery of numerous country towns and the relaxed dawn of surf coast towns.  As a result of this, all his images are recognisable to the audience, whilst exposing a strikingly stunning new perspective about the space around us. 


When not taking beautifully polished photos of architecture, Ferris captures individuals and their moments in the environment. His subjects are portrayed in the mundane, placing the audience in a position they have once felt. Whether it be his mates at a suburban house party, reminding you of Melbournes' youth culture, or the unaware CBD worker, Ferris captures an individuals personal moment of solitude. 


No matter how old you are, Ferris' photos will remind you of our evolving culture, through capturing individuals and the space around us. Ferris' is able to create dialogue between the viewer and himself, reminding you of something you can't quite label but also revealing to you something fresh and new that you often forget to acknowledge. It is this relationship that truly defines Ferris' as a photographer because he captures things that are truly unforgettable.


Describe your aesthetic in 3 words?

What I'm seeing.

What was the first photo you remember taking?

Not one in particular, just remember always thinking about the shot.


Why did you choose film as your main medium?

When I'm shooting film I take the photo and enjoy the moment , with digital you take multiple shots, get caught up with the photo and forget to take in the moment itself. 

What are your main considerations when you take a photo? Or is it more of an organic process?

Framing and light.

Composition or light? Your photos beautifully capture composition and light but if you had to prioritise one, which?

You'll always have both, unless it's just black. 


What makes you go 'I want to capture that subject?'

When something stands out.


Favourite place you have taken photos?

Walking in the streets of Paris.

Have you tried working with other mediums like painting or drawing?



If you could spend a day with any artist living or dead, who would it be?

I don't care so much about the people just their art.


Do you like your handwriting?

Yeah it does the job.


Your perfect playlist?



Wheres your favourite place to wind down and chillax?

Anywhere with some good company.