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Words by Hosna
Photographs by Dylan Jardine

I remember talking to Dan Rock in a bar once about the 'Punk Jazz' tattoo that sits across is chest. He explained to be about the manifesto of Punk Jazz. It's an exciting feeling listening to someone talk about what they love and be able to teach that to others.  It was apparent that the tattoo placement was not much of a coincident really, but an ode to the ethos.

It is even more exciting when you meet someone who shares similar enthusiasm, and together you can creatively express it.

Made up of Dan Rock and Dilon Fourie, Beatnik Collective is an acid jazz and Nu-jazz duo from Melbourne's east. Inspired London Jazz scene and the 70s era Herbie Hancock.  Both attending the Australian Institute of Music studying music production and contemporary jazz,  their love for jazz would lead to inevitable partnership. 

'After Dilon moved into the house I was living in at the time

we started jamming and writing together heaps finding that we had

super similar tastes and goals in where we wanted to be and the kind of

music we wanted to write. '

Naturally, the amalgamation of the jazz motivations lead to the creation of 


The duo released their first single in early October. 


'With jazz becoming a hidden source of inspiration in music today, the duo hailing from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Beatnik Collective have made it a focal point in their canon of work.


Park and Rides the name of their single occupies the space between transitions of disco, and jazz rhythms and distinct bass lines coupled with complimentary drum beats.


 Reminiscent of BADBADNOTGOOD’s ideology of reinventing jazz into the new age, Beatnik Collective sets up Park and Rides exactly as the name suggests- an eventful space of punchy guitar riffs materialising in its entirety a way for jazz to find its new identity in today’s musical landscape.'

Words by Ethan Cardinal


'As lovers of Jazz and Funk the writing process came pretty naturally. Whilst the two of us front it and write the music we have a core rhythm section behind us made up of Drums, Keys and a horn player who dabbles in both Flute and Sax but we like to keep it fresh with friends on percussion or guest horn players/ singers. '

Beatnik is a duo of boys who love jazz,  playing jazz,  listening to jazz, making jazz, and expressing the everyday through the spirit of jazz.